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The Long Goodbye: One Book, One Chicago Spring | Chicago Public Library

Browse Browse, collapsed Browse. By Audience Kids Teens. Skip Sidebar Navigation. Why does Marlowe not feel the same kind of instinctive sympathy for writer Roger Wade that he feels for Terry Lennox, both of whom are down on their luck and troubled by alcohol?

How are we to interpret the typed manuscript p.

After Marlowe hears the wealthy mogul Harlan Potter denounce the media and American middle class consumerism p. How does Marlowe view homosexuals? What attitudes does he have about women generally, and particularly blondes? Do these attitudes affect the way he conducts his investigation, and if so, how? Does Marlowe care about the rule of law, or does he act primarily to enforce his own personal sense of justice?

The Long Good-bye by Raymond Chandler (book review)

Does Marlowe offer contemporary readers a code of conduct for living that we should admire and try to imitate? What does the conclusion of The Long Goodbye offer in the way of wisdom about marriage?

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About friendship? Any man adhering to such a code, Altman contends, will experience dysfunction living and working in modern Los Angeles. The struggle between these two—personal morality and career striving—is a recurring Altman theme. The plot of the finished film was so convoluted that, famously, not even Faulkner could explain what happened or why. Brackett also wrote science fiction, and contributed to the screenplay of The Empire Strikes Back in Her brutal violence and close observation of men wallowing in male vanity gives the film its edge.

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  • Never cynical, the film is weirdly uplifting. What looked like stunt casting then seems inevitable now. Two minor celebrities work wonders in significant roles. Former Yankee pitcher Jim Bouton wrote the infamous Ball Four, the first honest back-stage baseball memoir Mickey Mantle took amphetamines, other Hall of Famers would crawl over hotel fire escapes to Peeping Tom women undressing in their rooms. The scariest looking thug, here making his mainstream Hollywood film debut, is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Gould takes one look at him and laughs in terror. Gould lays back remarkably in the face of some bravura performances.

    His Marlowe comes off as mildly astonished at the hysteria folks work themselves up to while maintaining denial. Foremost hysteric in a manly way, of course is noir icon and former leading man Sterling Hayden Dr. He plays a drunken writer who lurches between clue-dropping lucidity and glass-dropping intoxication.

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    Do you know how hard this is for a camera crew? Moving constantly, changing focus every second, letting actors stroll as they will and catching up to them? Miller, The Long Goodbye is a high-wire jazz improvisation, where no matter how far afield the ideas are flung, the melody is never lost. Their houses are built on sand, there is no safe place to stand, no one clear perspective from which to view the struggle.

    The Long Goodbye (8/10) Movie CLIP - Take Off Your Clothes (1973) HD

    No one thinks of Altman as a structuralist no one thinks of Godard that way, either because his films appear to be driven by emotion.