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This email address is already registered. Please login. You have exceeded the maximum character limit. Please provide a Corporate E-mail Address. Please check the box if you want to proceed. The two engines are very different and developers may find the move daunting as many tasks, including the ActiveX component, require a complete rewrite.

In SQL Server 7. In addition, while a bit environment is the only option with DTS, bit data processing is available in Integration Services.

Data Transformation Services vs. SSIS: The key differences

NET applications that can reference native or third-party. When a Data Transformation Services package is created, each object runs in its own right and you draw precedence constraints between the objects.

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The concept remains the same in SQL Server Integration Services, but objects can now also be grouped together in a sequence container. This allows you to run an object, then kick off the sequence container and run the object or objects in the container.

Figure 1: Example of constraints in a sequence container Click to enlarge. In the case of the arrow between the Clear Working Folder file system task and the Process Updates execute SQL task, the Clear Working Folder object must be successful and the expression within the object must also evaluate successfully.

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In the case of the constraint line between the Process Updates SQL task and the Process New Domains data flow task, either the Process Updates object must be successful or the expression in the constraint must be true. Of the 17 tasks, five are for transferring database objects from one server to another.

This leaves only 12 tasks for working with data or running other code or commands. In comparison, SSIS includes 29 tasks, which doesn't even count all the data flow objects used for moving data from one location to another, and is in addition to 11 database maintenance tasks. Of the 29 tasks, six are for transferring database objects, which leaves 22 tasks for running commands or scripts. Data Transformation Services basically has only a single data transformation option: columns can be mapped to other column names. SSIS has 29 different data transformation options, including the ability to split values, handle lookups, merge transformations, do percentages based on samplings of data, do row sampling, run.

NET scripts against the rows while in flight, and sort the data. This provides a wider range of options when moving data between servers. Note: Since there are so many options, be careful when selecting one to ensure you don't pick the wrong transformation.

SQL Server Data Transformation Services Tips

Another item SSIS developers will miss from DTS is the dynamic properties task, which allows almost any object property to be dynamically set based on vales from variables, queried from a database, or loaded from a config file. While to some degree, this concept is still possible with the script tasks in SQL Server Integration Services for example the. NET script task can change the properties of a connection object, or change the values of SSIS variables , you don't have the same amount of freedom because most of the SSIS task is compiled before it is run. Therefore, the number of things that can be dynamically changed is much lower than with Data Transformation Services.

Once the migration process is complete, however, you will find SSIS is a powerful and flexible tool that can handle all your data transformation needs. These icons are joined with precedence constraints, which specify the order and requirements for tasks to be run. One task may run, for instance, only if another task succeeds or fails. Other tasks may run concurrently. The DTS Designer has been criticized for having unusual quirks and limitations, such as the inability to visually copy and paste multiple tasks at one time.


A graphical tool used to build queries in DTS. The utility is invoked using the following syntax:. When passing in parameters which are mapped to Global Variables, you are required to include the typeid. This is rather difficult to find on the Microsoft site.

Introduccion a DTS - SQL SERVER

Below are the TypeIds used in passing in these values. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Categories : Microsoft database software Data management Extract, transform, load tools Microsoft server technology. Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Namespaces Article Talk.

Data Transformation Services - Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. Although the Cadillac DTS is offered in a single trim level, option groups can add extra features.

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